The Tourist’s monument on the main promenade.

Muccurum that’s the name granted by Rome. It was small village when Roman Empire was ruled this lands. But then Slavic came and used this place as a good spot for being like pirates from Caraibes – but here maybe it would sound better pirates from Makarska and they attacked on way to Venice ships.

Then with a visit came Croatian-Hungarian kings, also wanted to visit that places some Turks (XV century) and then Venetian came and loved this place so much that they stayed till A.D. 1797 and after them Kings from Austria came.

During the WWII city was serious destroyed. But now is rebuild and is one of the most important touristic places in Croatia. And all this happened with the same reason like in 1.1 Baška Voda – Croatia – thanks to build highway in ‘60 . So now I came with the visit.

The main promenade.

But as almost always I’m not a lucky person. In place which is famous from the sun I had a rain ;). But as the true adventurer I’ve took the umerla and started to know city. I don’t know why but when I’m visiting cities I like those ones with old streets and big old market squares. I also like promenades with palms just near the coast. Well here we have promenade – even two, but I didn’t feel “woow” effect, just another place for walk. Nothing special.  Streets and old town is just nice. With many restaurants and cafe bars. From old things is The Franciscan Monastery of 1614 (it’s a museum now  info about musuem) and Cathedral of st. Mark of 1766 in the square Kačić Miošić (he was the Croatian poet) .

The square of Kačić Miošić

I’ve spent whole day in this town and i think that it’s even to long.  Maybe it was because of this rain but it wasn’t a place where I’d like to stay longer.


Street in Makarska

I think that it can be a good place for the people who loves stay in one place and just rest on the beach.

The view from the beach.