Makarska Riviera

Well I’m writing about this place just in case when you are photographer and like outstanding views and also a crazy driver who love travel on the border where one false move .. and you are can fly far, far away – which not so stupid idea if you have a wings.

The beach somewhere on Makarska Riviera coast.

Anyway I’m photographer so I just wanted to take some photos and visit main towns in this place. Name of this Riviera comes from Makarska town. It’s a small spa, very popular for a Polish tourists. But if you feel like a true voyager then in here you will find any specific places. Just another tourist place typical for rest. In Makarska town I will write later.  Let’s back to Makarska Riviera, so It’s the most popular tourist region in Croatia. Is situated between Adriatic sea and Biokovo mountains. This coast has almost 53 km length and was very quiet no tourist zone till 60’s / 70’s when the road Dubrovnik – Split was built.  It’s still only road during the whole Makarska Riviera (it’s  also there a highway but if you decide to go that way you will be not able to see the sea). During the summer time the temperature here is 23°C –  27°C and is still sunny . I’ve decided to go here on one and half day trip. And ofc was raining <3.

Road during the Makarska Riviera

Towns/villages which I’ve visitied on Makarska Riviera