Susnet from Ciovo island, near Trogir. photo:Halina Jasinska

Hello :),

today I want to introduce you to a beautiful european country – Croatia. It is a place with amazing sea coast and mountains. The weather there is nice and warm, what makes the experience even more pleasant. I must mention, that it is a safe place – if anyone is asking. I want to focus on the question: how do we get there?

  1. CAR

How did I get there? Well, by car…  Why? Because my country is not so far away (only about 1500 km) and you have full freedom after you get there. I mean, you can go from city to city without worrying about anything or anyone – you’re not depending on bus drivers and tight schedules of planned trip. If you wanna visit not only Croatia (but for example Montenegro too) you should think about a green card for your car – because almost all of the countries around Croatia aren’t in EU, which means that you need the passport for yourself and green card for your car. Of course you can buy it on the border, but it cost about 20 euro. If you will ask at your country your insurance company should give it to you for free (that is the case in Poland).

There are pros and cons for you:


  • you are free, you can go wherever the road is leading you
  • you can take more luggage
  • you can make stops in every place, wherever you will get the ‘woow effect’ – or feel the need to photograph some magical view
  • you can stay in a city/village longer, even till night, because you don’t have to worry about schedule

and –

  • in Croatia you have to pay for using the highways (since 2017 prices went up about 5 proc. up to 10 proc. during the summertime – if I remember, for distance from Slovenian border to Split, I had to pay about 220 Kunas (HRK), which is about 30 EUR for one way trip
  • you need to remember, that in the cities you have the parking meters: 1 hour = 10 HRK in smaller cities, but in popular places such as Dubrovnik it is even more expensive
The beautiful empty road on Hvar island. The invitation to travel throughout Croatia



You can get there by plane ofc. The airports are in Brac, Dubrovnik, Mali Losnij, Osijek, Pula, Rjieka, Split, Zadar and Zagreb. If you wanna go on islands of Croatia by a plane and not by a ferry, there are small companies which can bring you there – for example on Hvar island. For more info check this site ->


You can get there for example from Hungary, but in Croatia you may not be able to get to all cities. Railway station are in Zagreb, Split, Rjieka, Pula, Sibenik and Zadar. That’s all. So if you plan your travel for example to Dubrovnik, and you don’t have a car, also don’t wanna borrow one, you should take a bus. More info you can find here

4. BUS

I’m sure that if you are living in Europe, you are able to get to Croatia by bus. I don’t know from which place you are, so I can’t give you a tip how to get there. I’m sure Google will help you  find the place where you can buy a ticket. In Croatia you have plenty of bus connections. So if you don’t have a car, don’t worry – the bus probably goes to a place you want to be.


You can also travel to Croatia by ferry from Italy.  If you are interested in this kind of travel, please check this page

The view of coastline of Split from the Harbour.

O.k. I think that’s all. If you have any question about travel – feel free to ask.